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How does recycling work?

How does recycling work?

Plastics recycling is a well know term for everyone but do you actually know how recycling works?

Do you know which are the necessary steps a plastic product undergoes during a recycling process? 

Efficiency of a recycling process is affected by a number of different aspects. In order to produce high-quality recyclates, different plastic types must be recycled separately, highlighting the importance of applying the design for recycling guidelines during the production phases. On the other hand, consumers who take note of various recycling tips and dispose of their waste in line with local guidelines significantly facilitate the subsequent steps of a recycling process.  

Consult the guidelines below to learn how common plastic products you use are recycled. 

PET Bottles

PET drinking bottles are one of the most recyclable products that we use regularly. See below which steps a bottle undergoes as it's transformed into a new product! 


HDPE Cleaning Bottles

Cleaning and personal care products are mostly packaged in HDPE bottles or containers. Consult the guidelines for an overview of how an HDPE bottle can be recycled and insights into aspects which affect its recyclability. 



PET Trays


PVC Windows


Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)