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Stakeholders Collaborations

Stakeholders Collaborations

Petcore Europe

Petcore Europe is an association working with the stakeholders and representatives of the entire value chain to enable a sustainable growth of PET. The association represents the interests of the PET value chain at the European level.

Among other activities, the association supports and validates advanced packaging solutions from a recycling perspective.

Leading sector associations CPME, EuPC, Forum PET Europe, EuPET, PRE, as well as individual companies form Petcore Europe.


The European PET Bottle Platform (EPBP) is a project whose aim is to evaluate packaging technologies and products for PET bottles. Design guidelines for PET bottles were created through this platform, aiming to enhance the innovation while minimizing the economic and environmental consequences for PET recycling in Europe.

EPBP is a voluntary platform, with PRE being one of the supporters.

Test procedures and protocols were developed to aid the designers and producers in their efforts to improve the recyclability of the bottles.

Global Plastics Outreach Alliance

In early October 2017, the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), Plastics Recyclers Europe and the European PET Bottle Platform announced the creation of a partnership aimed at harmonizing design guidelines and testing protocol, and therefore creating a Global Plastics Protocol. The partnership is known as the Global Plastics Outreach Alliance.

With different protocols in place, the goal is to identify and clarify the existing differences and ultimately align them to assure the increased recyclability of the plastics products.